December 1, 2020

We are excited to announce a technology IP cooperation with pygmyTITAN, a provider of mobile computing platforms for embedded designers and one of the leading product development startups.

We are working with pygmyTITAN in developing a #EdgeAI capable camera. Extending the camera view to see further and understand more with customized event logs and triggers are the key differentiators.

“It is an honor to be working with pygmyTITAN in developing a product that will assist our customers in unlocking the potential of #ComputerVision on Edge AI devices,” said our CEO, Vladan Damjanovic. “The innovative platform and design is compact and extensible, allowing our Cameras to be packed with features that set us apart from our competitors”

“By working with pygmyTITAN, we enable our video surveillance solutions to embrace the latest Edge AI capabilities, especially in environments that require larger image data processing and a low tolerance for unnoticed incidents, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy,” said our CTO, Srdjan Vukmirovic

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