Smart Retail

Cashier & Customer Evaluation

We use Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to observe cashier and customer interaction to support and enhance cashier hospitality and service. Our advanced analytics for retailers and hospitality businesses allow for optimization of sales and customer satisfaction processes in order to increase customer retention rates and revenue.

Cashier behavior

  • Smiling
  • Angry
  • Nervous
  • Calm / Neutral
  • Sad
  • Sleepy-Fatigued
  • Drunk
  • Avg. interaction duration
  • Responsiveness

Customer information

  • Correlating behavior
  • Returning customer
  • Gender
  • Age

In-depth Interaction

We use state-of-the-art deep learning in the domain of Visual AI, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing to derive meaningful business metrics from visual and audio data collected by our devices. We protect the privacy of your customers while allowing you to retrieve unprecedented insights into what goes on in your stores, businesses, and commercial spaces in real-time.

Quick installation

Easy Installation
standalone device

Dual camera

Dual Camera Device
for visual monitoring


Private and Secure
no images stored, ever

Built in Microphone
for audio data collection

Focus your efforts on the employee who need help most with AI-powered detection.

Improve customer's retail experience and increase engagement

The human element in retail is the most important factor in attracting customers and driving sales in-store, not product.

Machines can see what we don’t!

Perfect for Hotels, Malls, Retail, Government Centers and other Physical / Commercial Spaces

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