Urban Hippo Dataset

A photo-realistic synthetic dataset that focuses on semantic understanding of vehicles, roadways, curbs, and sidewalks in an urban environment. 3 million annotated images with fine annotations and 20 classes.

Street Mining

Connecting cities with frequent commuters to allow a collection of detailed street data using AI. A platform that rewards drivers for collecting the data.

Parking Occupancy using Camera

Real-time occupancy information. We use special, easy to install, outdoor-ready cameras with embedded Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to understand parking occupancy.

In-Vehicle Camera

Our solution uses Smart Camera with embedded Visual AI to predict and prevent road crashes. When installed in a vehicle, the camera automatically detects risky driving in real-time.

Using it’s built-in cameras, together with intelligent onboard sensors, in event of an incident, the device warns the driver, capture the event video and sends it to our cloud servers.

Cashier & Customer Evaluation

Uses Visual AI to understand cashier and customer behaviors and rate cashier hospitality. Helps business owners to identify revenue loss due to a lack of employees hospitality.

Next-Gen Edge AI Video Surveillance

Thanks to our advanced algorithms and powerful edge AI capable cameras, we can significantly reduce unnoticed incidents and reduce the cost of securing locations. But that’s not all, our system can be customized so it can understand your location and things that matters to you.

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