Customized Projects

At MCS, we create new and innovative ways to use computers to understand images and videos. We then use this technology to build solutions that are designed to solve your business problems.

Scope of work includes:
 - People, objects, and cars detection in 3D using camera
 - Predictive Analytics
 - Vibration detection

Share your challenges with us and we will provide you with tailored solutions.

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The steps we follow


Discovery Call

An ideal way to begin is by scheduling a discovery call where we can acquaint ourselves with you and gain insight into the issue you are facing.


Following the preliminary phase, we proceed to determine the appropriate workshop based on your current state of data readiness.


At this phase, we reach a mutual understanding and make a decision to collaborate and address your business obstacles.

There are three types of work we can do:

1. Install existing products
2. Customized projects
3. Consultancy


During this phase, we focus on improving and polishing our work, while brainstorming the next steps, which could involve maintaining the solution or continuing our partnership to develop additional functionalities.

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Our AI-powered Pseudo-LiDAR technology transforms any (Monocular) camera into an advanced object monitoring system
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