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Parking Occupancy detection using cameras and AI

This system provides real−time information about the occupancy of parking spaces using outdoor cameras equipped with AI accelerators and 3D computer vision technology. These cameras are easy to install and designed for use in outdoor environments.


  1. Detecting parking spot occupancy
  2. Analyzing vehicle details, such as type and size
  3. Parked vehicle duration
  4. Parking occupancy statistics and history
  5. Making intelligent predictions based on historical data
  6. We can use solar/battery power and eliminate the need for external power
  7. Transferring data via mobile internet technologies, including 3G and 4G/LTE or WiFi
  8. On-device image processing
  9. Ensuring maximum privacy by never transmitting photos or videos off the device
Mobirise Website Builder
Ready, set, go!

The Parking Camera we offer comes with a 10W solar panel and a 10Ah battery, enabling it to function autonomously without requiring an external power supply.

⚪ 4G, LTE, and WiFi
⚪ IP67 weatherproof
⚪ Day/Night Surveillance mode
⚪ Solar/Battery-powered

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Our AI-powered Pseudo-LiDAR technology transforms any (Monocular) camera into an advanced object monitoring system
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